Each week we have dozens of volunteers that help Evangel accomplish its mission in the church and community. We could not do it without these faithful and committed people.

If you have made Evangel your church home, we encourage you to find a place to serve. Evangel SERVE teams offer the most opportunity to get involved, build relationships, and find a way to serve God and others. They are organized in six categories, and are our volunteer teams. The categories are Evangel Kids, Worship Arts, Communications, Guest Services, Administration, and Outreach. The teams provide opportunities to serve in variety of ways on Sundays, and throughout the week. Click on the links below for more information on ways to serve in each of these areas.

If you already know where you would like to SERVE, click here to APPLY TO SERVE.

Evangel Kids

Do you love kids, and enjoy teaching them the love of Jesus? Evangel Kids is a ministry to children, birth - 6th grade. There are activities for the children on Sunday mornings, and through the week and year.

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Worship Arts

If you are creative, and love to worship God - we have the perfect serving opportunity for you. Worship Arts is a ministry that, through a variety of creative mediums, enables people to worship God, and learn more about God at our weekly Sunday services and seasonal special productions (i.e. Easter, Sunday).

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Evangel Communications

If you are a writer, graphic designer or have knowledge in marketing - check out our communications department! Evangel Communications is responsible for Evangel marketing and public relations.

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Guest Services

If you love people and enjoy making them feel at home, Guest Services is for you! Guest Services provide a variety of types of assistance to those that are new or are not regular attendees of Evangel. It also provides customer service to those that are members or regular attendees.

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Our administration team has a variety of serving opportunities available. This area provides general assistance to our office staff, building maintenance, all church events, and more.

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Serving our community in acts of love and compassion is one of our top priorities at Evangel. Do you love community outreach and mission projects? We offer a variety of outreach ministries that will provide the perfect place for you to get involved in serving the community.

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