As you follow Christ, it is important to find ways to go deeper in your relationship with Him. Evangel offers much more than a Sunday morning service, we also offer many other ways to accomplish growth in your relationship with Jesus. We invite you to learn more about what Evangel offers that will empower you as you follow Christ. If you have any questions regarding any of these opportunities for growth, please let us know by clicking here: Get in Touch.


At Evangel, we encourage you to choose to follow Christ. When we know God, love God, and live in harmony with His purpose for our lives, it produces tremendous benefits - peace, fulfillment, confidence, and true life. Learn more about what it means to follow Christ.

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At Evangel, we practice water baptism by immersion in water. Water Baptism illustrates Christ’s death and resurrection as well as the commitment of a follower of Christ. Learn more about water baptism, and how to become baptized.

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We offer membership at Evangel for the practical reason it defines those who understand Evangel’s mission, and are committed to the mission. Learn more about how to become a member at Evangel.

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Evangel offers a variety of group types. In our groups, we seek to love God, grow in faith together, and serve our world. There are three group types: CoreGroups, LifeGroups, and FocusGroups. Learn more about Evangel’s groups, and how to get involved.

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A coach comes alongside a person to listen, encourage, and through careful observation asks powerful questions that empower the individual to find their own answers and direction to important life-giving and life-changing choices. Learn more about how being coached can help you go deeper as you follow Christ.

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One of the best ways to go deeper in your relationship with Christ, while growing in your relationship with others is to find a place to SERVE in the local church. Evangel SERVE teams offer the most opportunity to get involved, build relationships, and find a way to serve God and others. They are organized in six categories, and are our volunteer teams. The categories are Evangel Kids, Worship Arts, Communications, Guest Services, Administration, and Outreach. The teams provide opportunities to serve in variety of ways on Sundays, and throughout the week.

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