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Where to Go

WhereOften people ask me how I ended up in New England when I grew up in Oregon. The quick answer: God. However, the details of the story go something like this:

“Where would you like to do your internship?” the student ministries secretary asked my junior year of Bible college.

First words out of my mouth with very little thought, “I’ve never been to New England, how about there?”

I knew nothing about New England. Honestly, if you gave me a map I may not have even been able to point it out. I knew I had not been there and I love adventure and beyond that, I cannot really tell you what made me say “New England” except God. After living here for 8 years, more specifically 8 winters, I constantly ask myself why I did not say, “I’ve never been to Hawaii” or “Arizona, how about there?” However, in my heart, I know that New England is God’s predestined choice for me, it’s His dream, not mine, bigger and better than I could have ever dreamt.

I have noticed this pattern in my life, where I speak before I really think. Typically, it can get me into some trouble. Nevertheless, when it comes to dreams, it seems to be when I speak before I think God puts His dreams in my mouth and ultimately my heart. For whatever reason, when I really think about what I want to do with my life my own mind seems to get in the way of the big God dreams. I might have a “good plan” but then I will also think up all of the reason why it could not happen. But, when God puts His dreams in place, I do not have to worry about the details. I just have to obey and follow what He has called me to do.

It sounds so simple: obey and follow what He called me to do, but it is really a huge hang up for me. As I read Chapter 22 in Mark Batterson’s IF, it reminds me of some other dreams God put in me. Unfortunately, I have not yet seen these dreams happen nor have I even moved toward these dreams, but I know these are His dreams. I was heartbroken because I realized that I had gotten in the way of God’s dreams for my own life. It’s quite paradoxical really, to think that planning for my life got in the way of the plans for my life; but that’s how I know I need to surrender, focus, and obey in order to see God bring His dreams to pass. I need to obey God’s plans and not let my own agendas get in the way of the things God has called me to do.

God has big dreams for all of us that He desires to see happen. Our own thinking, planning, or just the day-to-day tasks of life can become a roadblock. What is it that typically gets in your way of His dreams?

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