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Making Room for More of You

Abbie blogWho would I be if I were all God created me to be? What would that person look like?

In Christianity, we are given the glorious high calling of representing Christ... His love, goodness, mercy, and selflessness. I cannot be the only one who finds myself not making the cut of "perfection" every day. In fact, some days, I feel closer to resembling the vindictive antagonist in a horror movie than looking like Christ. You know, the one that makes you yell at the TV screen like, "Dude, what is your problem! Just be nice!" Yeah, scary. The truth is that the task of looking like Christ is an impossible one at best without full empowerment by the Holy Spirit. (And a full night's rest). Likewise, the Spirit at work in us is only possible when we empty ourselves to make room for Him. Author Mark Batterson has what he calls "the theory of everything" since in everything, you need the Holy Spirit and that He is the answer for everything you need. Through my 23 years on earth, I have found that I NEED the Spirit alive in me to be the best me I can be; and that comes through times in His presence.

Every Sunday we hear words like "prayer," "worship," "Bible reading," and "time with God." We know these things are good for us. We know they are incorporated elements of good Christianity. However, how often do we apply these disciplines to our daily routines? Our author explains the spiritual disciplines this way:

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